Plan Consulting Services

What benefit plan choices should be included in your Company’s executive benefits programs? What are other Companies including in their executive benefits programs? Why? Should you provide a menu of benefit plan choices to meet the diverse needs of your executives? Importantly, plan sponsors and participants need to address these questions and more as an integrated whole. No one element can be as effective on its own as an integrated menu of executive benefits solutions.

Blue Chip Benefits’ consultants have extensive experience in the design, implementation, funding, administration, and insurance services needed to develop an integrated suite of executive benefits programs for your Company. We believe that an integrated executive benefits program should include a Deferred Compensation or Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan to provide the executive with an opportunity to accumulate the necessary funds needed for retirement not provided by your qualified retirement plans due to IRS limits.

Risk management is a key issue to your executives and their families to provide for loss of income due to a premature death, partial, or total disability. Your core benefits programs generally do not provide the income replacement needed for these high earning executives; therefore, we believe access to an integrated supplemental or individual life, disability, and long-term care program is critical to provide your executives with the tools they need to protect themselves and their families. We have the experience and product knowledge necessary to help you design an effective executive benefits program.